Monday, May 14, 2007

This shtetl mentality?

Hi Dov Bear,

Old Timer here. I don't post often but when I do post I feel that I have something to say.

This coming Tuesday, May 15th is election day [in my very Jewish neighborhood] At present, frum Jews control 7 of the 9 seats on the board. Three seats are now up for election. One of those seats is held by a frum Jew, who is not seeking reelection. The other 2 seats up for grab are those of the 2 non -Jews on the board, MC and SP who are both seeking reelection.

The frum Jew's seat is being contested by AW a Belzer chusid and SMY, a Jamaican woman. One of the non-Jewish seat is being contested by BP an African American woman.

The problem arises with the second non-Jewish seat which is being contested by DK a very qualified frum Jew, who has 2 masters degrees in Education, has 40 years of public school teaching experience in the South Bronx, and who is presently principal of secular studies in a Bais Yakov school. He is clearly the most qualified person of any present sitting board member or anyone seeking election.

The head of the Southeast Taxpayers Association who puts up all the frum candidates has endorsed DK BP and AW, and has put out posters and advertising backing this slate.

What then is the problem? Two very prominent Rabonim have openly paskened that their oilam should vote for the Gentile woman, MC over the eminently more qualified and frum DK. And what is the reason for this psak? Because we are in Golus and if Yiden who are shomrei torah u'mitzvos control 8 out of the 9 seats on the board, all Jews will be blamed if something should ever go wrong and it would put all are lives in sakanah.

I personally find this shtetl mentality abhorrent. Not only does it have no place in today's society but it shows the gentile community that the frum Jews are divided and have no achdus. With all due respect to these 2 eminent Rabonim, they should stick to matters of halacha and stay out of politics.

What do you and your readers think?

Old Timer

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