Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Fool Me Once

by: Anonymous Very Right Wing JBlogger :-)

This week I got an email from Jeb Bush. For those who don't know, who live in a closet, outside the US, or keep focused on their Gemora, Jeb Bush is the brother of the US President and the head of the Republican National Committee. Now, first let me preface this to say I voted for George Bush, twice. I'm a member of the GOP, and I'm certain that Pelosi and the pander'crats are going to really cause some serious problems.

Yet, as I read this letter from Jeb extolling me to donate to the Republican National Committee, because the pander'crats are going to "raise my taxes to unprecidented heights", while the Republicans are going to "moblize taxpayers against the Democrats' $2.4 trillion tax hike", I'm trying not to hurl.

I gave the Republicans every chance to do what they said they were going to do. Take a moral stand. Cut the size of government. Get the government more out of our lives.

Instead I got 6 years of runaway spending, little kids raiding the cookie jar. [DB: Don't forget the corruption! Duke Cunnigham, Ashcrost, Delay....] They didn't take a single moral stand. They built and grew and spent our money like druken sailors. They ballooned the debt, and now they want to ignore it. They wrote any law business asked for (as long as a good campaign donation or trip to the Caribbean was included.)

And they want my support. Hah! They've got to be kidding.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not supporting the wacko'crats. If they had 1/4 of a brain, they'd just sit back quietly, give Bush whatever he asks for, and let the Republicans sink into their own bog. Instead, they're trying to manage foreign policy (sorry, that's the executive's job), threatening impeachment, and yes, they're going to end up raising some taxes. [DB: They are?]

Personally, I like the current situation. Divided power means nobody gets anything done unless everyone considers it serious enough to actually compromise. That keeps everyones exteme tendencies under control. The wacko's, the crazy spenders, the business sell-outs, the power mad nut jobs. [DB: What about the Democrats? ;)]

Come '08, I'll probably support Rudy or John, [DB: The divorced, pro-gay marriage, panderers?] but I'll also be voting for my local democrat representative. I want Nancy to balance them out.

Besides, who needs to watch TV? Daily politics is better! And Jeb, thanks for the letter, I needed a good chuckle.

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