Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Ask The Rabbi

by CousinOliver

I don't know why people are sending their questions to me. I have no answers. Here is what came to my email box recently.

Dear Rabbi,

On shabbos, I don't wash myself including my hands, and face due to the prohibition of using hot water, soap, and a towel. I also eat with my hands because I don't want to be oyver the possible use of kaylim that are muktzah. This week we had some guests over and when it came time during the havdalah post shabbos, my guests did not let me rub my wine dipped hands on thier heads, eyes, temples, ears, and cheeks, nor did they let me stick my yayin covered pinkies in their pockets. I don't want them to be left behind while my spirit sky rockets to unprecidented hieghts. What can I do to be sure they get the wine rubbed on their faces as moshe did while recieving the luchote?

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