Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Are we better off today? Or were we better off yesterday?

On one of the other, older threads, some of you are arguing the eternal question: Are we better off today? Or were we better off yesterday?

I've argued elsewhere, that as a whole, the world is more moral today than it ever was. That argument is recreated below:

Moral Shortcomings in 2007Moral Shortcomings in 1875
Some women wear skimpy clothing.Prostitution, including child prostitution, is rampant in large cities.
The abortion rate is about 20 percent (though it's not clear when in the pregnancy the majority of these abortions were performed. Many Jewish jurists do not consider early abortions to be murder, the definition of "early" being the subject of much scholarly debate)Poverty, and general public indifference, create all sorts of health crisises, including very high infant and early childhood mortality rates.
Some kids belong to gangs, and dabble in drugs.Due to general public indifference, children, especially in large cities, often work 10-15 hour days in poorly lit factories; many children never finish school. Also there's no minimum wage, no maximum work-week, and no safety regulations to protect workers - adults or children.
Adultery rates are up.Due to general public indifference, most people live in very dangerous environments, among sewage, bugs, rodents and disease, in poorly lit, poorly ventilated fire-traps.
Doctors are too expensive for most people, basic health services are widely unavailable.
Slavery, though not nearly as widespread as it was at the beginning of the 19th century, is still prevalent. Pogroms and blood libels are common, and the movement of Jews in most of eastern Europe is still drastically limited. In the American South, Jim Crow is alive and well. Lynchings are common.
If you choose to purchase certain appliances, you can easily access lechery in the privacy of your homeIf you choose to purchase certain books, you can easily bring lechery into the privacy of your own home
The death penalty is applied unfairly.The death penalty is widespread and applied unfairly.

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