Friday, May 18, 2007

Foolish Falwell

While I'm quite sure that he has family that are in mourning (and my black, black heart goes out to them), I can't get myself to do much more than chortle over Jerry Falwell's death.

I know, I'm a total [jerk], but this guy really hated women in a serious way, and I frankly, won't miss him a bit. In fact, I think tomorrow the sun will shine just a touch brighter without his hatred eclipsing it.

Right now, I hope God is giving Jerry [a hard time] about some of the things he said in God's name.

My favorite? I once saw him say that evolution is like "tossing a bunch of metal up in the air and having it come down a watch." I'm thinking God is saying to Jerry about now: 'Dude, you don't think I can turn a bunch of metal into a watch? Have you so little faith?

--saw it here

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