Thursday, May 03, 2007

In which I turn over a new leaf

I have seen the light, and I have ED to thank. This is what he said to me yesterday:
Someone questioned R Chaim Kanievsky about a difficulty in the Mishna Brura and wanted to suggest that if we slightly change the Girsa in the MB, it would make much more sense. However, that would slightly change the Halacha. RCK responded that the MB was written with special Siyata D'shmaya [Divine assistance] and its like a "Sefer Hachosum" - a sealed book, and we shouldn't attempt to change it. IOW, rather deal with the difficulty than to start changing things left and right. I would say that that's quite inline with what you wrote about Rashi. Rashi too was written with Siyata D'shmaya and remains a "Sefer Hachosum".
What follows is the note of sincere appreciation sent to Ed this morning:

Dear Ed:

Your comment about Rashi having been written with divine assistance touched me in deep and hidden places. I wish to rededicate my life to the study of this holy sefer chosum. Your help is needed: There are many different editions of Rashi, and occasionally the differences are theologically significant. Which edition deserves the designation "Sefer Hachosum?" I wouldn't want to waste time with the wrong version.



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