Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Klobbering Kobre

As part of his torah-true efforts to discredit Barak Obama Eytan Kobre tells us how important experience is:
Rather, it is the sheer irrationality that a large segment of the American public is demonstrating in catapulting Mr. Obama, a virtual political greenhorn, to second most popular choice for the world’s most powerful position, and in a historical period of unprecedented uncertainty and looming dangers.

Again, it’s the combination of factors that make the sudden exaltation of Barack as political rock star so clearly emotion-, not reason-based. He may well be very bright, articulate and capable, but managing the Harvard Law Review and a few years in a state legislature followed by two in the U.S. Senate do not the leader of the Free World make.
Ho ho ho. I, for one, am shepping extreme nachus from this. Sure, it took Kobre and the rest of the GOP drones nearly 8 years to come around to the key argument against George W. Bush's original candidacy, but better late then never. Set your watches. If the pattern holds, Kobre and co., will be telling us sometime in 2012 why the Swiftboater-style of political advertisment is vile.

Anyway, Kobre continues:

Sure, we all know it can’t happen here, don’t we? America is so very different from 1930s Weimar Germany in so many ways and Western society as a whole doesn’t exhibit the conditions necessary for an entire nation to go murderously berserk while the rest of the “community of nations” stands by, right? Right? Reassure me, now.
Uh, okay. What follows is a short list of the many ways in which the USA is nothing like Weimar Germany:

(1) A constitution with checks and balances.
(2) A 200-year tradition of democracy
(3) A stable economy
(4) A tradition of secularism
(5) No tradition of pogroms, or Jew baiting.
(6) The religious parties are weak (despite the best efforts of people like Kobre to undermine that)
(7) In particular, the Catholic Church is weak
(8) Aside from being weak, the Catholic Church no longer sponsors Jew-hatred.
(9) And if they did, most Americans would object (see 4 + 5 + 7)

That said, I concede it could happen here, but before it did, America would have to change dramatically. Possible? Of course. Anything is possible. But it couldn't happen overnight.

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