Sunday, June 26, 2005

Setting the record straight

"Liberals hate their kids? The reform caused the holocaust? No respectable (let alone respectful) person believes such nonsesne."--DovBear

That is correct. No respectable or reasonable person would believe those two nonsensical statements. I don't believe them and I certainly never uttered them
. --Toby Katz

Oh really? Let's check the record.

Toby Katz on what caused the Holocaust.
"And, while we cannot know exactly why suffering strikes this or that individual, we can say for certain that it is no coincidence the Holocaust started in Berlin"

Toby Katz on liberal Jews and their children
"It is a FACT that liberal Jews do not have nearly as many children as Orthodox Jews do.Come up with all the excuses, rationalizations, and faux explanations you want to. You guys have careers, lesbian marriages, divorces, lots of money and whatever else you want and value. We have what we value: more kids, more Jews for the future."

Toby Katz on how liberal Jews feel about their children
"If you are honest with yourself you will admit that R and C Jews do not value children as much as O Jews do, because they see children as interfering with other, more important things an educated and intelligent woman could be doing."

Toby Katz on herself
"I respectfully ask you all to read my own writing and completely disregard everything DB says I said. I've noticed that many of the comments to and about me assume that he has accurately quoted me, but he has not."

We concur. By all means: please read Toby's own writing. Review all she has written --both in the accuratly cited quotes above, and on the comment threads from which they came. And draw your own conclusions.

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Did we all misquote her?