Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Round up

Oprah "suffers the most humiliating moment of her life." Oh my. What could it have been? Beloved?

Nope, nope. Something better. Oprah's embarrassed because she showed up at a store after they had closed and they didn't open the door --not because they were, you know, closed, but because she's black. Ye freakin’ Gods.

Maybe, just maybe, the salesclerks simply preferred not to spend their dinner hour kowtowing to the Queen of Daytime. And can you really blame them?

And speaking of embaressing moments, did y'all catch the Bush speach last night? Did you notice what was missing? That's right. Applause. In fact, both ABC and FOX (ouch!) reported that the president's advance team started the one round of applause Bush received midway through the address.

Meanwhile, for all his fraudulent blather about respecting troops, Bush still hasn't been to a single military funeral. Guess he's too busy, you know, workin' hard.

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