Monday, June 20, 2005

The gift that keeps on giving

I am sorry. Every time I resolve to never again mention Toby Katz on this blog, she goes and says something, not just stupid, but mind-bogglingly stupid. Here's the latest:

You [liberal Jews] have careers, lesbian marriages, divorces, lots of money and whatever else you want and value. We have what we value: more kids, more Jews for the future.

Wow. Doesn't Tobyville USA sound grand? No divorces, no careers, no lesbians and no money. A utopia!

Unfortunately, in my neighborhood, a place I like to call "the real world," Orthodox Jews get divorced (often because the marriage they rushed into at age 20 l'shem shamayim didn't take) I also know plenty of Orthodox Jewish woman who work, both because they want to and because they have high tuitions to pay.

Anyway, the Orthodox Jews in the real world seem to love money as much as any liberal Jew. They drive SUVs, take fancy vacations, and build McMansions at an alarming rate.

But I admit it to longing for a world with no McMansions. So I suppose that if it weren't for the part about no lesbians, (and the part about being stuck forever with an unsuitable partner in a world with no divorce) I'd consider moving to Tobyville.

If only I could find it on a map...

Oversight! Oversight! Oversight! Doesn't Toby have a career? She teaches high school, and she writes for second-rate publications like Jewish Action and Cross Currents (Jewish). That sounds like a career to me. Best to not let the mayor of Tobeyville find out.

I'd hate for her to get expelled.