Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Amen brother

The great Gil Hodges, I mean Gil Student, agrees that Jews should stop worrying about being frumer than the Christians, and instead focus on being Jews. Money quote:
In other words, in order to oppose the secularists, we need to take a religious stance. So let's take the Catholic position. Huh? Let's take the Jewish position, wherever that leads us! Being "Judeo-Christian" is not an end in itself.

In the same post, Gil touches on the nonsense phrase, "Judeo-Christian." As discussed in an article by Mathew Paris, quoted at length on this blog, Jews and Christians have less in common than say Jews and Muslims, or Christians and Muslims.

Speaking of Judaism and Christianity, Paris asks "Properly understood, the two religions and their values are so very different. Yet the two peoples - if peoples we be - are no longer very different."

Why? Two answers:

1 - Many modern Jews and modern Christians no longer care about their religion; and

2 - Other modern Jews (Hi Toby!) think that Judaism should be as much like Christianity as possible. These modern Jews don't worship Jesus or celebrate Christimas, but otherwise? Hashkofically, they're wingnuts.