Monday, June 27, 2005

A favor for a friend

Chana writes:
Due to the fact that I've just been accused VERY unfairly in the comments when I was not even present of a) being brainwashed b) being rude and condescending and c) having taken Toby's comments out of context, I've posted my entire email correspondence with her, and that is now over at

It would be helpful if you could perhaps aid in helping me rebut all these nasty comments- maybe you could link to the entry?

The comments were all on your 'setting the record straight' entry. Toby has been incredibly rude and has accused me absolutely falsely. Then again, I have a record of Bais Yaakov teachers doing that to me. I suggest you read the email correspondence- you're mentioned as well. And not in the best light. ;)

Ad kaan TobyPalooza?