Thursday, June 16, 2005

The cult of victim envy

Here, with a true tale of oppression and brutal prejudice, is a rich little white girl from Little Rock, as reported in today's Times:

Ms. Seidenschnur, 21, a senior at Washington and Lee, found herself in a political minority as early as high school as she worked in three Republican clubs.

"I was sick of being ridiculed by my teachers for being a Republican: 'Oh, here comes the Republican."

Oooh snap! I mean, the humanity!

(The really funny thing is that Seidenschnur attends Washington and Lee, a right-leaning school if ever there was one.)

Ms. Seidenschnur, along with 63 other junior idealouges, is a summer intern at the Heritage Foundation. One of her counterparts, Scott Hurff, already a parody of his grown-up self, is also quoted in the paper on the shortcomings of his traditional upbringing:

Being raised a Christian, with family values, I want to make sure I have a solid philosophical footing.

It's a wise lad, who understands what he lacks.

Afterthought: 64 fervid Republican youth, all in one place and no one has alerted the local Army recruiting office? Shouldn't these kids be gung-ho to fight the war, W gave them?