Thursday, June 16, 2005

More Jew on Jew hatred from our friends at C-C

Over on Cross-Currents (Jewish) big Yaakov Mencken is pontificating on the Airmont situation. He seems confused, though, suggesting that the Airmont residents who prefer not to have a 100-bed dormitory in the neighborhood are "demonstrating the most nasty bias of anyone."


I thought the company line among the wingnuts is that we Jews should look the other way when the native people demonstrate anti-Semtisim, and, instead, accept their abuse as a sign of our hakoras hatov for all their ancestors did to make America such a wonderful country.

According to this, typically brain-dead, right-wing logic, no Jewish person should be complaining about the Airmont zoning laws. Instead, we should quietly and docily accept their restrictions, as a way of saying thanks for making Airmont such a neat and friendly place. Am I right?

Update: Now I understand. The people of Airmont are irreligious Jews, and they are opposing religious Jews, and if you work for Cross Currents, all other considerations go out the window. "Don't criticize Christians, especially when you could be criticizing a frei Jew instead," is their watchword, you see.