Thursday, June 16, 2005

Do I mind?

Maybe. Can't decide.

A reader tells me,

"My town, Wesley Hills, is north of Monsey and Airmont. Currently, the Board of Trustees is trying to pass a law that would limit at six the number of cars you can park in front of a house. That makes things hard on the people who go to shul for weekday shachris. None of the shuls have parking lots. They are all modified houses, and we all park on the streets. If the law passes, some of us will need to walk..."

As usual, I see both sides of the story with unmuddied clarity. The Jews feel put upon, and perhaps they are right: Does Wesley Hills object to weekly barbeques? Will the law affect anyone but shuls? If the answer is no, Wesley Hills has a problem.

On the other hand, though, will it really kill you to walk? You're already doing that on Shabbos, right? So walk on Monday morning, too. Big deal.