Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Lies the Hasidim taught us

Here we go with another DovBear list:

Lies the Hasidim taught us

1 - Tables are better than pews
2 - Shirts that are white are better than shirts that are colored
3 - Late is better than early (when it comes to davening, or starting (and ending) shabbos)
4 - Sephard is better (and more "authentic") than ashkenaz
5 - No gebroks is better than gebroks (Corollary: Those disgusting faux "noodles" are better than kneidals.)
6 - Yiddish is better than Hebrew
7 - Lag B'omer is better than Yom Haatzmaut
8 - Skipping tachanun is better than saying it (except on Yom Haatzmaut)
9 - Long beards are better than long hair. [this line was edited at 11:46 am]
10 - Shishi is better than shlishi
11 - The Alter Rebba is better than the Rama

Lightweights, please note: I'm not arguing, for example, that ponytails are better than beards, or that pews are better than tables. I don't believe that normative Orthodox Jewish law expresses a preference, or announces a requirement, in any of the cases listed above. If you want to skip tachanun at every opportunity, fine: You have whom upon to rely. If you want to sit in a pew, rather than at a table, also fine: This says nothing about your character, your ahavas hashem or your yiras hashem.

Unfortunately, in my experience, many hasidim, and those under their influence, think differently and from this much needless sinas chinan has followed.