Thursday, April 28, 2005

Hasidim, again

Yonatan writes:
There are lots of things that make a Three-Day-Yom-Tov an uncomfortable experience; for me though it is the horror of facing three days of festivities, where showering or taking a proper bath is considered sinful.
Man, do I feal bad for the Hasidim. The ordinary Orthodox (and this could be why the Hasidim hate us so much) know that it is 100 percent okay to shower on Yom Tov. I should know better, but it really suprises me that the Hasidim are unwilling to accept this.

Another surprising Hasidic stringancy: Ordinary Jews know that the very best thing about having granite counter tops is that they're easy to kasher Boil some water, toss it on the counters and you're done. Unless you're hasidic. For reasons I'll be glad to explain if you send me an email including your social security number and banking information, hasidim say that granite can not be kashered unless you cover the counter with water and iron it.

[Two second explanation: Ordinary hagalah isn't enough, the Rabbi explained to me, because we worry a kli rishon touched the granite, there4 something closer to libun is required.]