Tuesday, April 12, 2005

and speaking of faith healing....

The JewZoo brings John of God to our attention.

Who is JOG? A Brazillian con-man who has made a fortune convincing fools and suckers, (including the mental midgets who produce ABC documentaries) that he posesses healing powers.

James Randi explains why JOG is a liar, and tells us how ABC got scammed. But we Jews shouldn't rush to condemn ABC, should we? After all, you can't spin a cat by its tail in Williamsburg without hitting someone who claims similar abilities for the Hasidic masters.

Read carefully! I am not saying that Hassidic masters are con-men! (though I'd welcome a James Randi investigation into certain store-front "kabbalists")

Rather, I am saying that their flocks are guillible and all too-willing to attribute powers to their Rebbehs that do not exist, and that the the Rebbehs never claimed for themselves.