Monday, April 18, 2005

Israel, ahead of everything?

Jeff Ballabon, one of the founders of Cross-Currents, the thinly disguised pro-GOP, pro-Christian "Torah" blog, was quoted in the Forward last Friday regarding Tom Delay.

He said: "DeLay's concern for Jewish survival and his active friendship for Israel are deep and personal. They existed long before the Oslo terror war and long before Jewish organizations or fundraisers ever discovered him. Those in the Jewish community who have come to appreciate the depth and magnitude of his friendship ought to stand with him now."

Jeff Ballabon have you no shame? If Delay is as slimey as even his fellow Republicans seem to think he is, he does not deserve our support or our friendship. He deserves to be drummed out of the House in disgrace. Lo savo asnan zona u'mechir kelev beys Elochim l'chol neder.

Israel does not need, and should not want, the support of crooks and liars, and it does not serve Israel or Zionism for you to embrace an ethical pariah in the name of some misguided sense of loyalty.