Friday, April 15, 2005

Did the (so-called) conservative, religious, Israel-loving papers put this story on their front page?

The New York Times
Page A1, above the fold
April 14, 2005

Money quote:
Eight days before Hitler annexed Austria in March 1938... two prominent Jewish families in Vienna raced to a Swiss bank. Coolly realistic about the troubles facing them and determined to preserve their ownership of one of the country's largest sugar refineries, they set up a trust account to protect their ownership.

The attempt quickly unraveled. Within months the bank had violated the terms of the account, and the business was "aryanized" - sold for a fraction of its value to a Nazi sympathizer. In a letter dated Dec. 22, 1938, a bank officer provided an explanation as blunt as it was chilling: "The situation has changed."

Yesterday, 67 years later, Edward R. Korman, a federal judge in Brooklyn, approved a $21.8 million award to surviving members of the two families, the Bloch-Bauer and Pick families, which owned the sugar company with other investors.
Meanwhile on the front page of the Fox-owned tabloid every upstanding GOP-Jew swears is wholesome, proper, and pro-Israel Jewish reading, we have this.