Friday, April 22, 2005

Holes in the J-Blogsphere.

If you're late to the blogging game, and looking for a niche to exploit, there are a few good ones left. As of yet, our little J-blog bubble still has not produced a:

  • Renegade Rabbi

  • loud mouth, opinionated (near impossible to read) blog from a Stern girl.

  • single, man, who writes about dating and/or life in Israel

  • crotchety psudeo-Hasidic blogger who is devoted to her holy husband.

  • mother/son news-blogging team.

  • muckracker dedicated to exposing corruption in the Reform Jewish heirarchy.

  • well-read, amusing, charedi fanatic who can deliver short, snappy answers to each and every skeptical argument.

  • Charedi scholar who feels the need to post a gloss on everything he has ever read in his entire life.

  • liberal team of bloggers who use the Torah as cover for their political agenda.

  • So, if you're a blog reader who'd like to enter the wonderful, but self-esteem-destroying world of blog writing these are niches you can explore.