Friday, April 15, 2005

If Yaackov and Paul were teenage girls

A DovBear diorama starring: Paul and Yaakov

Paul: OH... MY... GOD

Yaakov: OH... MY... GOD

P: The Pope looked at me.

Y: He looked at ME

P: Whatever

Y: Sigh. He's so good

Y: And so moral.

P and Y together: Yeah.

P: I love the way he's so firmly authoritarian in his defense of an absolute truth we don't really recognize or accept.

Y: Yeah, and I get all tingly whenever he mentions Jews.

P: Oh my god, ME TOO!

Y: And when he talks about us in one of those encyclicals...

P: Oh my god. I thought I was going to just die when he mentioned the Rabbi of Rome in his will...

P and Y together: I know.

P: It's soooo cool that he talks about us.

Y: sigh He demonstrated such a great friendship towards the Jewish People

P and Y together: Sigh

(If you read their blogs on the subject you can' t help thinking , gee, I hope they like their wives as much as they liked JP II.)