Thursday, April 28, 2005


You heard it here first: "I will blog through the middle to end of May. I start my new job on May 30th. At that time, I'm done. Really." -- MoChassid

Time for MoC to start his grand farewell tour. We propose he compose a final guest post on each of his favorite blogs. At each stop, the blog proprioter can present MoC with a rocking chair and/or a lifetime supply of BenGay and wax poetic about MoC ample and substantial contributions to the causes of freedom, justice and the NBA. In tribute we'll all wear beckashas and mispronounce Hebrew. And this time next year, if that new job playing minor league baseball doesn't work out, we'll sell a boatload of tickets to the ceremony welcoming MoC back to the blogosphere.

I might even learn Yiddish for the occasion.

Sigh You'll be missed, Mo.