Thursday, March 17, 2016

Times disappoints its critic again

Here's a new reason to laugh at your friends, neighbors and pulpit Rabbis who insist that the New York Times dislikes Jews.

You know they exist. They are the people who are certain the paper has an anti semitic agenda. They claim that the paper never misses a chance to bash Jews.

Well, next time they are spouting off about how the paper will say and do anything to make Jews look bad you can bring up this incident:

Yesterday over 200 FBI agents conducted dozens of simultaneous raids on upstate NY yeshivas and Jewish owned businesses. According to my twitter feed a Justice Department plane was in the air over Rockland County for most of the day and hundreds of kids were sent home from school. I saw reports on the television news and CBS radio had it, too. But unless I've gone completely blind I don't see anything about it in today's Times.

Where is the "gleeful" (to use a favorite frum word) article about the "massive" (another one) raids? Shouldn't the big anti semites at the Times be having a field day (two more)?

And since they haven't done any of that perhaps its time for the Times haters to adjust their own biases? The omission, of course, tells us nothing about how the Times actually views Jews but it certainly confounds that claim often heard in shul about how the Times hates Jews and will do anything it can to make Jews look bad.

(If I missed a Times article on this subject this post will be updated and I will wear egg on my face for the day. Apologies in advance.)

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