Monday, March 28, 2016

About the female birkas kohanim...

In a move bound to draw opposition from the Orthodox establishment, feminist activists are planning to hold a first-ever priestly blessing ceremony at the Wailing Wall for and by women. 
The event, scheduled to be held during the Passover holiday, is being organized by Women of the Wall, the multi-denominational prayer group that holds a monthly prayer service at the Jewish holy site. The blessing will be led by women who trace their lineage to the priestly class known as the “cohanim.”

I'll concur that this event has no status as an actual "Birkas Kohanim" but what possible harm will come from women joining together to offer a blessing? What is the religious rationale for objecting?

I guess I'm trying to understand what religious imperative prevents you from treating the female birkas kohanim in the same way that Litvaks treat a hasidic tish.

 We don't think there is any religious significance in receiving sharai'im so we stay home. Why can't female birkas kohanim be treated the same way?

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