Monday, March 14, 2016

Obama, Bibi and the feet on the desk

Remember when Obama spoke on the phone with Bibi Netanyahu while his feet were up on his desk? The same lovelies who later tried to convince us that Obama had sinned by wearing a tan suit went around telling everyone that the Prime Minister of Israel had been grievously insulted because feet mean something mean in the Middle East. Hysterically, the lovelies failed to notice or care that feet have no such significance in Israeli or Jewish culture; also Obama puts his feet on the furniture literally all the time. He doesn't reserve the gesture for Bibi.

Lots of shots of Obama with his feet on the desk - and some of Bush and Carter, too!

Anyway I bring this up because a new version of the old lie surfaced on my blog last week. 

According to reality Bibi was 6000 miles away when all this occurred. He was on the phone, in Israel, entirely unaware that the president was stretching his legs during their conversation.

But according to the updated version Bibi was actually in the Oval Office and the president deliberately pointed the soles of his feet at him. 

Clearly the update was needed, as the original complaint was petty and absurd and clearly the work of people determined to treat the president with the same fairness as the UN treats Israel. In the updated version an actual insult is committed. 

Unfortunately the update is false. Bibi was not in the room.

A White House photograph of U.S. President Barack Obama with his feet on his desk while speaking on the phone with Binyamin Netanyahu has turned into a news story in own right,

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