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Steve Pruzansky supports Trump. Sort of.

Who made Steve Pruzansky so stupid? Did he grow up drinking Flint water? In his latest article, America's Worst Rabbi (TM) argues that Trump is superior to Clinton. His argument can be summed up as follows: Clinton is a crook and a racist and the monster under Rush Limbaugh's bed while Good Old Donald Trump may have a few tiny flaws, but Party First!

Here are his exact words with my interpolations (As usual, the least of Pruz's crimes is his imposition on the attention span of the reader. His self-indulgent, 50,000 word posts can't be fisked in their entirety so please suffice with these excerpted lowlights.)

[Bernie Sanders] is the living embodiment of Gordon Liddy’s definition of a liberal: “someone who feels a great debt to his fellow man, which debt he proposes to pay off with your money.”

Yes, Pruz, by all means, let's ask for an expert opinion on liberalism from a convicted felon, known thug, and organizer of the Watergate break-in. Good choice! Who will you call as your next witness? Attila the Hun? Surely his view of liberalism merits our notice as well.

Or, assuming that Hillary Clinton is not indicted (as she clearly should be)

Yes! Clearly! Because the FBI doesn't know what its doing. Obviously! Commie traitors! Why won't they just ask Pruz to take over?

or is indicted and then is pardoned by President Obama (think Friday night, midnight, story buried, and by Sunday all sides claiming it is old news and time for the country to move on)?

Two words. Scooter Libby. For those of you to young to remember, Scooter Libby is a convicted felon who went to jail for some dirty work he did on behalf of Dick Cheney, before eventually having his sentence commuted by George Bush. In other words, the imaginary Democrat scandal Pruz begs us to consider as make-believe evidence of liberal chicanery has actually happened, only it was perpetrated by his heroes, the sainted Republicans.

Everyone is against Trump – I am not too keen on him myself – except the people.

Well, no, not exactly. The only "people" who have shown themselves to be keen on Trump are Republican primary voters. Technically, I suppose they are people, but as a group Republican primary voters are entirely out of step with mainstream America. This is why their nominees have lost five out of the last six presidential elections.

If not for Trump’s personality, temperament, character traits and shallow command of the issues, his string of victories would have sealed the process if another candidate had won those same victories, and the media would have been trumpeting those successes as evidence of “Game Over.”

Odd complaint. You're agreeing that Trump sucks, but you want the responsible adults, ie, those of us who are not Republican primary voters to get out of the way and let someone with a bad "personality, temperament, character traits and [a] shallow command of the issues" coast into the White House? What kind of mad populism is this, and why is it being articulated by a Conservative Constitution-worshiper like Pruz? Do I need to remind you how terrified the founders were of the prospect of a Trump-like candidacy? Do I need to remind you that the implemented the electoral college system specifically to prevent it?

There is a growing sentiment among many Republicans that they would rather have Hillary Clinton win than Donald Trump win

Hurray! Sensible behavior from Republicans! Of course, their sensible behavior is the product of self-interest, but I'm happy to see it anyway. (Yes, Democrats also act sensibly from self-interest)

But it really comes down to a simple calculation that Republicans should start making now, if they didn’t do it yesterday: by what measure would Hillary Clinton be a better president in anything that Republicans, Conservatives and/or Jews hold dear than any of the current Republican candidates including Donald Trump? I cannot think of one.

Come on, Pruz! You just aren't trying. Here, let me help.


  • Not making the US an international laughingstock
  • Not lowering the dignity of the presidency.
  • Not promoting bad family values (Three Trump marriages vs one strained, but still standing Clinton marriage. Also, let's be quite clear: I will bet you any amount of money Donald has both committed adultery and involved himself in escapades that make that Monica Lewinsky thing look like junior high school)
  • Not insulting fine Republican women like Megyn
  • Not being blasphemous or insulting to people of faith
For good measure let's throw in this great suggestion from the comments:

"You forgot "promoting and protecting Wall Street interests at the expense of the middle class and the working poor." And "gleefully accepting donations and favors from overseas theocratic oil-ocracies."

Too true! These are also cherished Republican values that Hillary is far more likely to support!
Clinton would continue and escalate the class and racial warfare in America. (Is there a more racist slogan today than “Black Lives Matter”?)

Meanwhile, Pruz's man has promised to deport 20 million people on the basis of their ethnicity. Won't that "continue and escalate the class and racial warfare in America" And yes, Pruz "Let's Toss Out All The Spics!" is a more racist slogan than "Black lives matter"

Clinton would accelerate the distribution of free stuff and the redistribution of wealth that has crippled the American economy and stifled the income potential of the middle class. 

And according to leading economists, Mister Four Bankruptcies' brilliant plan to raise tariffs and deport the people who do low-income jobs will drive up prices and cause a recession. Also, Pruz neglects to mention that the Republicans are also in favor of income redistribution, only they'd rather see the money go from the middle class to the wealthy. Corporate welfare yes! Regular welfare? Not so much.

On Israel? It is true that Trump is an unknown – “unpredictable” is his term, not to mention “neutral.” But how can that be compared to Hillary Clinton’s overt hostility to Israel

You're on drugs. No honest observer thinks she's ever been hostile to Israel. Also this

from her disdain for Israel’s PM (haranguing Netanyahu with 40 minutes of relentless invective for bidding out apartment construction in the northern part of Yerushalayim, which, of course, hasn’t even happened in reality)

She yelled at Netanyahu for embarrassing the United States, which is exactly what he did. Can you Republicans please make up your mind? I thought you wanted a strong leader who wouldn't let anyone push America around? Well, that's exactly the temperament Hillary demonstrated when she stood up for American pride and dignity. Also this was six years ago. Also, it doesn't take too much effort to find examples of Condi Rice yelling at Bibi in protest of an Israeli building project. As the Jerusalem Post said it on January 8, 2008, Rice: US entirely opposed to Har Homa

and her discomfort with Israel’s right of self-defense to pressuring Israel to make even more suicidal concessions to the Arabs to create another “Palestinian” state in the quixotic hope that such will satisfy the Arabs’ lust for Israel’s demise

Again Pruz is demonstraing his gift for amnesia. The pressure on Israel to create a Palestenian state became part of US policy thanks George W. Bush. He's the one who gave us the Road Map. He was the first president to call for a two state solution. The pressure he put on Israel to comply with his two-state vision, a vision that called on Israel to give back territory and dismantle settlements was legendary. In fact here's a headline from April 17, 2003 Israel faces US pressure over plan for 'road-map' If George Bush remained a saint after doing that, how can you tarnish Hillary for doing the exact same thing without opening yourself to charges of dishonesty and bias?

Can anyone imagine Donald Trump embracing and praising Suha Arafat

Yes, I can imagine it easily. I can also imagine him climbing into bed with David Duke, because I watched him do it with my own two eyes.

After this, the piece deteriorates into the usual Pruz mishmah of bad history as he ranks on Jewish Democrats. Most of what he sayswas dealt with successfully in my famous serious of posts, entitled Additional Pabulum from America's Worst Rabbi

As @efrex told us on Twitter, when it comes to Pruz "It's almost self-parody at this point."






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