Friday, March 11, 2016

Its not because he's black, right?

On countless occasions Trump has proclaimed himself neutral on Israel.

Meanwhile Obama has always called himself strongly pro-Israel; moreover Netanyahu has called Obama a true friend of Israel on many, many occasions, and he has thanked Obama publicly for standing with Israel.

Moreover, while he was running for president back in 2007, Obama made it abundantly clear that he was 100 percent pro-Israel. In fact *Obama set out detailed positions in speeches before AIPAC in March 2007 and June 2008 (the following points are drawn directly from these speeches except where otherwise indicated). Key elements are that Obama:

  • Supported the Israeli bombing of Lebanon in July-August 2006 and repeatedly in the Gaza Strip as exercises of Israel’s right to “legitimate self-defense;”
  • Supported Israel’s 6 September 2007 air attack on Syria which unsubstantiated reports claimed targeted a weapons of mass destruction related site;
  • Opposed the holding of Palestinian elections including Hamas in January 2006;
  • Opposed the February 2007 Mecca Agreement establishing a national unity government between Hamas and Fatah peacefully resolving internal Palestinian differences;
  • Supports continued “isolation” of Hamas until it meets political conditions imposed by Israel and the Quartet;
  • Stated that “I will always stand up for Israel’s right to defend itself in the United Nations and around the world,” suggesting continued use of US veto to block UN action on the conflict;
  • Promised at least $30 billion of military aid to Israel over the next decade and pledged to push for Israel to gain access to armaments reserved for NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) members;
  • Pledged that the US “should never seek to dictate what is best for the Israelis and their security interests” and “No Israeli prime minister should ever feel dragged to or blocked from the negotiating table by the United States;”
  • Stated “Jerusalem will remain the capital of Israel and it must remain undivided;”
  • Opposes Palestinian refugees’ Right of Return (“The right of return [to Israel] is something that is not an option in a literal sense”); (Hilary Leila Krieger and Tovah Lazaroff, “Obama: Palestinian refugees can’t return,” The Jerusalem Post, 29 January 2008)
  • Stated “Any agreement with the Palestinian people must preserve Israel’s identity as a Jewish state;”
  • Supported the Bush administration’s approach of forming an alliance of “moderates,” including Israel, Saudi Arabia and Egypt on one side arrayed against Iran, Syria, Hizballah and Hamas;
  • Considers Iran’s alleged pursuit of nuclear weapons “unacceptable,” supports strong sanctions and divestment and has refused to rule out the use of military force.
  • Obama has expressed no support for Palestinian “rights” and has never publicly used the type of effusive emotional language identifying with Palestinians’ aspirations as he does regarding the Israelis. While repeatedly castigating Palestinians, he has been uncritical of Israel.

Yet you Jews always, always get this backwards.  Why?

While Trump says he's neutral, no Jew seems to mind. There is no panic.

But back in 2007 Obama said and demonstrated that he was NOT neutral. He said and demonstrated that he was PRO ISRAEL. Yet, no one cared, and all Jews decided from day 1 that he was the enemy. Why?

[Eveything after the * comes from a frantic Electronic Intafada post dated November 17, 2008. The Palestenian author clearly expected Obama to title towards Israel (which is of course what happened)]

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