Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Jerusalem Municipality Approves 18 Jewish Homes in Heart of Arab Neighborhood

The Jerusalem municipality’s Local Committee for Planning and Construction on Wednesday approved unanimously a plan to build 18 housing units for Jewish families in the heart of Jabel Mukaber, a predominantly Arab neighborhood in south-eastern Jerusalem
On the face, this sounds like a good idea -- let people live wherever they wish, I always say -- but a few points of clarification please
  1. What is a Jewish home? I'm not being snide. I really have no idea how real estate works over there. Can you actually make it a rule that a certain house must always and forever belong to jews? (According to whose definition? )
  2. Do they ever allow Arab homes (assuming the concept exists) in Jewish neighborhoods? Why not?

The Jerusalem Municipality Master Plan conceived in 2000 does not distinguish between Arabs and Jews.

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