Sunday, March 06, 2016

How to talk about Trump

In talking about Donald Trump I think we must be careful. Only eight years ago, many of our RW friends tried hard to convince us that Barak Obama was the second coming of Adolph Hitler. They circulated collections of "spooky" coincidences, eg both Hitler and Obama posses charisma! They spoke of camps and deportations. They imagined Israel would be fed to the wolves. Of course, none of that has come to pass. Eight years later the very worst thing you can say about Obama is that he was a Centrist Democrat with a moderately successful Centrist Democratic agenda. To RW loons that's still a capital offense, I know, but it still falls well short of the crimes they imagined he would commit.

Which brings us to Trump. Like anyone with eyes, I see the parallels between the Rise of Trump and the Rise of Hitler. Angry racists are voting with their hearts, not their brains, and the responsible insiders who could have easily snuffed this out last summer, acted too slowly. (Cruz, in particular, thought he could "use" Trump.); as a result, a demagogue who seems unconcerned with legalities, niceties, precedent, or tradition is ascendant.

Again, haters said the exact same thing about Obama in 2008.

So I'm going to be careful.

While I hate Cruz more, you can include me with the Trump Haters. I don't want to see him win because I don't to see America damaged, but I wont make the same stupid predictions the Obama haters made. He's a vulgarian and a con-man with no understanding of foreign affairs, who enjoys loving support from the lowest dregs of society, but he isn't Hitler. (Not yet anyway).

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