Monday, July 30, 2012

Nu, chevra, how'd it go?

Notes on Tisha B'av 5772

A breeze, thanks to all the water I gulped on Saturday afternoon. However, summer fasts that fall on Sunday are an abomination and should be abolished.

Insights:I don't think there are ten people alive who really and truly understand the kinos. Also, isn't it time we addressed the recent tragedies? Everyone says we don't keep Yom Hashoa because we remember all national tragedies on Tisha B'av. So why are we so skimpy with the actual holocaust commemorations? The Crusades, a holocaust, in their own right, rate several kinos. Why don't the disasters of 1940-44 get more than one?

[Still nothing to top this] And this remains the ultimate all time best Tisha B'av post ever written


What kids? The big ones fast, while the small ones watched the song and dance from London. I don't think I heard a peep all day. Related 1 and 2

How long was shachris:
Too long. And hardly anyone stays to the end. Tisha B'av shachris is the most difficult of all the devenings. It's our K2, and percentage-wise, I bet more people make it to the top of the mountain.

Kinah for Gush Katif?Hell, no

Kinah for holocaust?Yes. I don't think anyone still has the nerve to skip it.

MoviesThe Boy in the Striped Pajamas, or the dumbest, least entertaining, most shamelessly manipulative Holocaust movie ever. I'm still slightly offended the the movie-makers tried to make me sympathize with a jackass Nazi and his dumbass wife.

Some Israeli Propaganda Tour in which black and white photographs and pompous, British-accented narration to attempt to convince me that the early settlers of Israel were the best people who ever lived.

Break fast:
Same as always: Potato soup, lecho, home-made pastries.

How'd things go for you? (Or to put it in the jargon of the blogosphere, I'm "tagging" all of you.")

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