Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Let's make things as hard as possible.

AND SPEAKING OF PESACH... (right here) We see the Vaad of Queens wishes to bring the Pesach tradition of making things as difficult as possible to the Nine Days.  They sent the following email to stores that they supervise:

July 20, 2012 1 Av, 5772
MEMO TO: All Establishments
FROM: Rabbi Chaim Schwartz
RE: Tisha B’av Schedule
We hope this letter finds you well.

As Tisha B’av falls out on Saturday night, no establishment may open at all.

On Sunday, July 29th,on Tisha B’av itself, NO ESTABLISHMENT (supermarkets, bakeries, caterers, candy shops, restaurants, take-out) may not open until 1:00pm. At that time, restaurants may only serve customers take-out style. All chairs must be placed on the tables.

Restaurants may re-open for regular business on Monday, July, 30th.

Additionally, as meat is prohibited to eat for all or part (depending on custom) of the “Nine Days,” a Pareve menu MUST be available in ALL restaurants. Pareve means that any part of the dish may not be cooked at all in/with a meat utensil

As always, I am available to discuss these regulations with you and to address any questions or concerns you may have.
Talk about over-reaching. Some questions:

(1) Why can't the stores "re-open for regular business" on Sunday night? Why must they wait until Monday?

(2) What gives you the right to require the restaurants to create Parve menus? Your job is to certify that the food is kosher. You don't get to tell the store owners what to serve.

(3) Though you wrote "NO ESTABLISHMENT... may not open until 1:00pm", you probably meant "NO ESTABLISHMENT...  may open until 1:00pm" Why not? You can shop on 9 Av, and you can work on 9 Av. Yes, yes, its not "preferred" but its also not forbidden. Why are you making things hard on a poor Jewish shop-owner who might be able to score some non-Jewish business?  Because a Jew might walk in? Again, your job is to make sure the food served is kosher, not to make sure that everyone in the world follows halacha as you interpret it. 

(4) And why is this patent untruth in a letter from a kashrus organization?:" Pareve means that any part of the dish may not be cooked at all in/with a meat utensil "? That's false. Food cooked in a clean, recently used meat pot remains pareve . It can (usually) be eaten with dairy and it can always be served on dairy plates. If you want to impose a stricture, that's fine, but don't represent it as a baseline law!

Search for more information about eating fish at4torah.com

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