Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Jewish Press: Fire Tzvi Fishman now

Tzvi Fishman, a lunatic Zionist,  has unfortunately been granted a forum by the Jewish Press. I say unfortunately not because Mr. Fishman is a lunatic Zionist, but because in others ways he has shown himself to be the worst of what Judaism can produce.The Jewish Press dirties its reputation and ours by serving as his soap box. Some examples of Fishman outrages:

(1) His unrepentant use of the word "Chinaman" in an article dedicated to convincing Jews that they are Jewishly handicapped if they prefer hamburgers to falafel

(2)  He blames rape victims. For example:
After buying the sexiest clothing they can find, and dressing up in front of the mirror to highlight their curves in the most eye-grabbing fashion, how can a woman cry out in surprise when the guy standing next to her on the bus gives her a wink and a pinch on the rear? “Gevalt!” she protests. “Rape!” “Sexual assault!” "How could he do this to such an innocent victim like me?”
and this,too.
When a woman parades half naked around the office, day after day, advertising her wares like the neon sign outside a sleazy striptease joint, she can’t pretend she’s an innocent victim.
(3) He thinks God hit Japan with an earthquake because its the "#1 home of idol worship in the world" (though as Friar Yid deliciously points outHow can you claim with any seriousness that Japan is the "Number 1" bastion of idol worshippers in the world? India has 827 million Hindus. Japan has 127 million people TOTAL.)

(4) Considers the children of people who have intermarried to be "schizophrenic, half breeds."

(5) Has authored one of the most frightingly insane political manifestos I've ever seen. His platform reads as follows:
*All Arabs must leave the Land of Israel.
*Any Israeli politician who voted in favor of Oslo or the Hitnatkut [Disengagement], or who promotes the Road Map Plan, will be brought to trial as a national traitor.
*Relations with the United States shall be suspended until Jonathan Pollard is freed.
*All atomic facilities in Iran will be immediately destroyed.
*Any missile launching on Israel will be met with a devastating retaliatory attack.
*Anyone who propagates leftist propaganda will be deported from the country.
*All missionaries will be tried in court for kidnapping and murder, and crucified on the Mount of Olives.
*The judges of the Supreme Court will be replaced by rabbis who will judge all cases according to Torah law.
*TV and radio will be shut down on Shabbat. Driving on Shabbat will result in license suspension.
*Women who dress immodestly will be fined. Repeated offenders will be imprisoned.*All non-medical abortions will be forbidden.
*No woman will serve in the army.
*All secular newspapers will be shut down.
*Israeli television will be run by a board of rabbis, and Arutz7 will be the only authorized Internet news service.
*All computers will be equipped with anti-pornography filters.
*Teacher’s salaries will be doubled.
*Massive funds will be allotted to promote aliyah, and all Jews who refuse to immigrate to Israel within three years will forever forfeit their right of return.
*Haredim will donate the funds to rebuild Gush Katif, and they will do all of the hard labor or face imprisonment.
If you're skimming, be sure not to miss "Women who dress immodestly will be imprisoned" and "All missionaries will be crucified." His plan to deport people who "propagate leftist propaganda" is also problemantic. I mean what does poor stupid Tzvi intend to do with the Baal Koreh who unwittingly reads Leviticus 19? Send Fishman thought police into shul to cart them off?

In short, the Jewish Press needs to fire this whacko now.

PS: Asklng the Jewish Press to fire Fishman is not a call for censorship. It is not "censorship" when a private organization makes choices about the views it wishes to publish. I am asking the Jewish Press to make better, more responsible choices. Fishman is free to speak and to propagate his insane ideas, but he has no inherent right to do that in the pages of any particular newspaper.

Hattips: #2 via @DevoraK; #3, #4, and #5 via Friar Yid
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lamedzayin said...

Fishman is clearly a wacko, but you are one too if you think he is off the party line for the Jewish Press. This sort of lunacy is their trademark.

I'm a proud Zionist myself, but what the Jewish Press promulgates isn't Zionism as most people would define it but a bizarre hybrid of messianic Zionism, yeshivish faith in gedolim and 'Da'as Torah' and absolute political naivety. Fishman's stuff is only slightly crazier than what Moshe Feiglin writes weekly.

What's scary is that these clowns have an audience, although I wonder how many people buy the JP due to some combination of inertia and wanting to read the classifieds (still a fantastic way to find real estate in Jewish neighborhoods).

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