Thursday, July 19, 2012

If you see this lady on the street, greet her with a BOOOO

From parshablog, I've learned about a "misguided woman who thinks she is doing mitzvos while really regularly doing aveiros." She is the self-appointed tznius lady of Bes Rivka in Crowne Heights, a woman who believes she is acting to uphold the personal glory of the Rebbe, now dead 18 years, when she stalks and harasses fellow teachers who wear dark nail polish. Money quote:
I spoke to a woman who teaches in one of our schools. I asked her not to wear dark- colored nail polish. She was not happy that I had called her. She said to me, “If you would just stick to the black-and-white areas we wouldn’t have such problems with tznius. It is because you pick on things that are in the grey areas, that’s why we are losing the girls.” I was almost crying. 
I said to her, “Are you telling me that from a teacher in one of the Rebbe’s mosdos I can only ask for the basic halachos of tznius? Are you telling me that the girls in school don’t deserve role models? Do they have to see their mechanchos with very long sheitlach and dark nail polish?”
Why does this lunatic believe seeing dark nail polish is more traumatizing than the abuse to which she subjects people?

By the way, here's what she looks like:

 Let's count Mrs. Perfect's own tznius violations:

(1) She's wearing a wig. Not allowed.
(2) No hat.
(3) Hell, I bet her head isn't shaved.
(4) And my God, did she pose for a photograph? How immodest!

Now I realize this Mrs. Dwight Shrute isn't Sefardi, or Satmar, and is therefore not expected to shave her head or to go without her wig, but isn't that the point?  What another community sees as a base-line standard she ignores completely. The existence of such legitimate diversity is why her zealotry is so misguided. How can you sensibly argue that children must never see dark nail polish, unless you also argue that children should never see wigs? How can you talk about God's "absolute" law, when God's law is so obviously multifarious? Garnel said something about this too. 

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