Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Harder than Pesach?

I'm astounded at the crybabies posting about how their stupid stomachs are suffering now that they have been empty of meat for -what? - 2 days? A sampling:

I'm dying to eat fleishigs tonight. Does anyone know of someone making a siyum in Brooklyn or the city tonight ?Or else if anyone wants to make a siyum for me I'll take u out to Le Marais!

9 Days is WAY harder than pessach!!!  ;D

It takes a really special kind of spoiled rotten to write like this. Bad enough you're so weak that missing meat for 72 hours causes physical discomfort, but to tell the whole Internet about it? Aren't you embarrassed to appear so pathetic? Or do you think stamping your feet and pronouncing your addiction to beef flesh makes you look macho? Here's a tip: It doesn't.

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