Thursday, July 26, 2012

“We need in our next president someone who will be honest, open and transparent*.”

I was flirting with Mitt Romney. I admit it. As I've said before, Obama hasn't done a great job with the economy, and he's done a terrible job deflecting and defeating the partisan, unpatriotic, GOP hacks in Congress who have dedicated themselves to blocking him at every turn. Beating up those guys is his job, and he'd been terrible at it. Though I don't see how Romney can do a better job than Obama at foreign affairs or Israel, I wasn't sure I could stomach another four years of gridlock.

Any thought I had of voting for Romney went out the window when I saw his dishonest "You Didn't Build That" campaign. The ads lie about what Obama said, lie about what he has done, and lie about what he believes-- all for the purpose of tapping into a particularly noxious strain of American stupidity. We had eight years of Bush pandering to the mistakes and superstitions and irrational fears of American morons. I'd rather listen to Meathead McConnel drawl about how he'd rather undermine Obama than do his job for another four years, than go back to having a president who caters to our worst instincts.

And now that Romney has released an ad that lies about how his speech to the NCAAP was received I just about want to punch him in the mouth. According to the ad, his speech was greeted his thunderous applause. Lies. THEY BOOED HIM. LOUDLY

Here's the new lie from Romney:

And here's the truth

* A line from a new Romney ad, in which the candidate's reception at an NAACP meeting is entirely and completely misrepresented.

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