Friday, June 24, 2011

YWN, the Dass Torah Blog, Goes Dirty

YeshivaWorld News is one of the top blogs among people who purportedly don't own computers, or surf the Internet. Its achieved this distinction thanks, in part, to the fraudulently ehrlich reputation of its editor, and also because the blog claims to follow daas torah. Allegedly, the blog even has a posek who is consulted before anything that might reflect poorly on the frum community is posted.

The odd thing is this reputation remains intact despite articles such as the one that appeared yesterday:

Like most YWN articles, this one was taken almost word-for-word from another publication, in this case the NY Post. Interestingly enough, some of the original article's dirty bits have been deleted. Where the post has "amid a sexting scandal." YWN has "amid a scandal", and missing from the YWN article is this entire paragraph: "His political standing deflated after he posted a lewd photo of his bulging underwear on Twitter on May 27. He first claimed his account was "hacked."

But the really odd thing is the YWN headline "Congress Acknowledges Weiner Withdrawal. This is clumsy word play, and the sort of winkingly lewd thing we'd expect to see from the Post. Only here's "A Muppet": At first, I assumed they'd just stolen the Post's headline and not realized they'd printed a double entendre, but, no, they changed the headline the Post actually had into something dirty. Weird."

Yes, weird and a little creepy, especially for a blog that frequently acts self-righteously and seems to appeal most strongly to Jews who value that. 

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