Friday, June 10, 2011

Wave to Russia everyone!

In the video below, Anderson Cooper provides the definitive rebuttal to the latest bit of Sarah Palin stupidity. Note, I don't think anyone has a problem with Sarah's original error about Paul Revere. She was thinking about two different events in American history, and inadvertently combined them. That's fine. The problem, however, is that she (a) refuses to admit that she was wrong and (b) insists that she was caught by a "gotcha question". How can both be true? If she was right, how was she tripped up by a "gotcha question?" And what was the big, tricky, "gotcha question?" This:

"What are you going to take away from your visit?"

Please pass this post along to any of your dumb friends who've recently embarrassed themselves defending this vapid fool.

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