Friday, June 10, 2011

Bush tax cuts = failure

In a new article Annie Lowery, the economics reporter at Slate, argues that the Bush tax cuts were a complete failure.

Honest Republicans will wish to read the article, which can be found here. I look forward to hearing your counterpoints.

The rest of you, I expect, will just skip to bashing Slate for being "liberal." Or as the conspiracy-minded  refrain goes: "Oh, if only those lying liberal liars at Slate and the New York Times would stop telling those liberal lies the whole world would FINALLY see how awesome George W. Bush was."

The same sort of people were recently busy at Wikipedia attempting to correct the Paul Revere article so that it would reflect Sarah Palin's misunderstanding of his ride. And of course, like-minded Jewish people are busy denying historical truth for the sake of "protecting" the reputation of our Sages.

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