Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A cause that wouldn't be a waste of Agudah's time

Here's a problem that worries me more than gay marriage. The girl across the street is a super hero. She works, goes to schools, and is involved in several charities. She's also smart, possess an extremely pleasant temperament, and has a perfectly attractive face and body. She is, what the culture calls, "a great girl." The problem? She's 21 and not married. The matchmakers don't even call. Why? Because at an early age my young neighbor was brainwashed into believing her life will have no meaning unless her husband is a full time learner. Unfortunately, her parents are dirt poor. Just as girls are brainwashed into believing they need full time learners, boys are brainwashed into believing that full time learners are entitled to wealthy father-in-laws. So the super hero across the street has no chance. She'll either marry a boy she's been conditioned to view as a bum, or she'll die an old maid. She's been taught that men are worthless unless they learn, and the types of boys she wishes to marry have been taught that women are only valuable if they descend from money.

I wish this was a parody or exaggeration, but it isn't.

What does Agudah plan to do about this?

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