Friday, June 17, 2011

Why did Weiner pull out*?

On the one hand, I'm glad Anthony Weiner resigned. By leaving early, Wiener helps to secure the seat for a Democratic succesor, and he also gives me the high road in future debates with Republican dolts. "My guy had the decency to step down," I'll say, puffed with moral superiority, "Whereas Republican skeezeballs such as David Vitter and Larry Craig remained in their positions even after committing far worse offenses."*

On the other hand, I think the public should have given Weiner a break. Yes, he demonstrated monstrously bad judgment in sending proactive photos of himself to strangers, and yes, he lied about it when challenged. Both are strikes against his character. But the underlying offense wasn't the serious. We don't punish men for real-life flirting. Why was Wiener raked over the coals for online flirting? Is what he did really all that different from asking a girl to feel your muscles or check out your abs?

*Props to a Facebook "friend" for the line. I'll name her if she wishes to be associated with such lasciviousness.

Great moments in Anthony Wiener after the jump

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