Monday, June 20, 2011

Charedi Scam of the Day

The Jewish Worker reports on a new magical charm, promoted by Rabbis, and sold to unsuspecting fools.

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Let's be perfectly blunt. This is a scam. A rip off. The ad is a lie. Every word of it. And Rabbi Avrohom Leib Schwartz is a crook.  A ring does not have the power to solve psychological problems, or to cure chronic pain. A ring can't make your wife love you more, and it can't change your child's behavior. That is not how the world works. Such segulot are false. Such promises are lies.  About Rabbi Avrohom Leib Schawartz and those who trust his claims we says this:

...these things [ie: magic, witchcraft, sorcery, and superstition] are all lies and deception... it isn't proper for Jews, who are wise and clever, to continue this nonsense and it should never enter their minds that there is an advantage or benefit [to'elet] to using these things... any person who believes in these things and imagines that there is truth and wisdom behind them - though the Torah prohibits them (to Jews) - is from among the fools and the stupid people [scholim u'chasrei daa't] and in the category of [people] who have incomplete mental facilities. Those who posses authentic wisdom and pure knowledge know through clear proofs that every one of these things that the Torah prohibited is not wisdom, but nothingness and nonsense [tohu v'hevel] that is continued by empty-headed people [chasrei da'at] who have caused the ways of truth to be abandoned. - Rambam, Yad Hachazaka

And it remains a tragedy that most charedi Rabbis and most charedi Jews are to too timid to say this plainly and clearly .

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