Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Why aren't the Project Yes workshops hosted in Agudah Shuls?

DovBear: Rabbi Horowitz, can I get a comment from you on or off the record as to why your important workshops are not being hosted in Agudah shuls?

Rabbi Horowitz: On the record is fine. I set up these workshops with the help of my my close friends in each community, and I was also a scholar in residence in each of those shuls

Michael Stein in Flatbush
Rabbi Hauer in Baltimore
Mark Frankel of Beyond Teshuva

Agudah shuls would host this anytime. Also, this isn't merely an Agudah event. Torah Umesorah, the National Society for Hebrew Day Schools, is also backing the lecture series.

Ok, I accept this explanation, but still think it looks odd that a signature Agudah event about a signature Agudah issue isn't taking place in an Agudah shul.

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