Monday, May 24, 2010

Titles matter

Sent in by a reader. HT: On request

Many women have argued that if they are doing the same work a Rabbi does, they ought to have the same title. In reply, many have said "Why insist on the title of "Rabbi"? Any other title will do, and also not cause as much of a ruckus."

Well, here's why. As a blog I consider too vile to mention is reporting*, a former chief rabbi of Israel will be testifying for the state in a smicha-for-sale case Excerpt:
"According to the state prosecutor, the suspects sold rabbinical degrees to hundreds of recipients, persons employed in the IDF, Israel Police, and Israel Prison Authority, and their rabbinical academic degree earned them a NIS 2,000-4,000 monthly salary increase."

Seems as if the title "Rabbi" is worth between NIS 2000 and NIS 4000 a month in many jobs!

*Note: I can't find this story on any other website yet. The item's author is the same liar from Israel, who last summer reported to his moron RW yeshiva audience that Obama was on the verge of announcing a plan to split up Jerusalem. As shrewder readers have noted, its 12 months later, and this still hasn't happened, so perhaps this article is wrong about the chief rabbi too. Caveat lector

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