Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Peek-a-Jew: A kippa in the dugout?

From Adam Rubin's Mets blog

DIFFERENT HAT: Yes, that was Dan Warthen spotted wearing a yarmulke in the dugout when he removed his Mets cap during Sunday’s game. The pitching coach explained that Ike Davis had received Mets yarmulkes from a rabbi, and gave one to Warthen. Warthen, who is Jewish, forgot he had it on when he placed his cap on and went out for the game, he indicated. “I wear them all the time. That’s why I have that little bald spot,” quipped Warthen, who attends temple.

Davis’ mother, incidentally, was raised Jewish but is not practicing. The first baseman has only been to a temple once in his life, by his recollection.

I think this makes the Mets the Jewiest team in baseball. Also: Has a kippa ever been worn before in an MLB dugout by a player or coach?

Search for more information about the Amazin' Mets and those Gentile Jew-hating Yankees at 4torah.com.


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