Monday, May 17, 2010

My uninvited two cents about Chabad Mesianism


Chabad messianism is a term used to describe a spectrum of beliefs within the Chabad Hasidic movement regarding their late leader Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson and his purported position as the Messiah. While some believe that he died but will return as the messiah,others believe that he is merely "hidden." Other groups believe that he has God-like powers,or is the "creator" while a few negate the idea that he is the messiah entirely

On a previous thread, Micheal the well-spoken meshichist, claimed that his belief that the long-dead Rebbe will one day return to fight the wars of God, end the exile, and fill the world with Torah is "grounded in a very solid theology of Toras Hachassidus."

As I replied to Micheal, the reality is his belief is not grounded in anything but wishful thinking, and fanciful interpretations of some words in a book. Its Jesus all over again. His followers loved him, and couldn't stand to think that he was gone. They believed in what he represented and what he promised. They wanted the better world he represented. So, after his death, they reinterpreted texts to "prove" that Jesus was exactly what they desperately wanted him to be. Now Chabad is doing the same thing, for the same reason. A tragedy.

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