Friday, May 21, 2010

Old, non-bad posts about Shavuot

What does a woman do with Shavuos?
 From 2006. Gil asked what a "traditional" woman does with Shavuot, and I answered. Irreverently

Fulfilling the requirement to eat meat on the dairy holiday
From June 2008. Along with discussing the so called meat requirement, I get into male vs female roles

The texture of Boaz's... turnip
How an aggada in bt Sanhedrin disagrees with Midrash Ruth

The official Shavuos pet peeve
The most recent of several posts in which I point out that all of you who indicate sunrise with the word "netz" are making an error

Stupid things overheard at the Shavuos dinner table
The dumb, dumb things our kids bring home from school

Stuff my five year old knows that Chazal did not
Eg: He knows when the Torah was given.

Rashi's difficulty with or ignorance of a particular Midrash on Megilas Rus
Like he didn't even know it existed

Israeli Rabinate Rules Moshiach ben Dovid isn't Jewish
How could he be? "Ruth the Moabite did not go to the mikva. She did not accept upon herself all 613 mitzvot and the accompanying chumrot of the high court. She behaved in a licentious manner with a local farmer named Boaz, and was known to walk around the fields with various body parts uncovered, including her hair.

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