Wednesday, May 26, 2010

News from Lakewood

Yesterday, a little bird told me that the Lakewood Roshei Yeshiva went all Tony Soprano on a blog, threatening the owner with expulsion and ostracism if he didn't dance, or jump, or whatever it was they, in their dass torah wisdom, desired. I didn't publish the story, because I don't trust little birds, but today I see Vid Yid is saying the blogger capitulated:
Lakewood VAAD had a meeting and decided they want the LakewoodScoop (TLS) out because they think that’s the only way to save Bob Singer. The next day, the Rosh Yeshivas called the owner and said if he doesnt shut it down they will throw him out of town, his kids won’t be allowed into any shoool, etc.

The Rosh Yeshivas realized that by shutting down TLS they are only encouraging other anonymous blogs to open. After being made aware of this, they decided to grant TLS permission to stay alive as long as they monitor and approve all content.

In other news, the same Lakewood  Roshei Yeshiva appear to have mosered on their bochrim by calling the cops to cart off some students who were living in the dorms with no authorization.

I bet those bochrim and that blog owner wish they'd been laundering money or molesting little children instead. When it comes to diverting the attention of Roshei Yeshiva those two crimes always seem to work the charm.

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