Wednesday, May 12, 2010

An open letter to some of Kagen's Jewish opponents

Dear RW Jewish Neighbors and RW Jewish Bloggers:

Some of you - I'm careful to say some, because I know not all of you feel this way -  have reacted to the announcement that Elana Kagen is president Obama's choice to replace retiring Justice Stevens, in a way that reminds me once again that RW Jews are quite capable of wallowing in antisemitism and self-hatred.

I've heard Kagen's height attacked, I've heard her nose attacked. She's been called the wrong type of Jew, a bad Jew, an unreliable Jew, a traitor Jew. I've heard Jews complain  (and seen Jewish bloggers complain) that there are too many damn Jews in high office, and that we should follow the successful example of our timid European ancestors and keep our heads down, and our mouths shut. (Hell, nothing bad ever happened to them). The ascension of Kagen, some go on to promise, will do nothing but invite a fierce anti-semitic backlash from the angry, like who? The millions and millions who swept Obama into office and presumably like the policies his new Supreme Court Justice is expected to support? Them? Those happy and satisfied liberals are going to murderously object to a liberal Justice? I'm shaking. Better you should worry about those pro-choice people going Cossack on the Catholics, who now have six co-religionists on the court.

And what about the non-liberals who, by the way, are no majority in this country? Well, a second, stupid worry from stupid, quaking Jews is that Kagen's expected votes against Christmas, God, gun ownership, and school prayer will incite pogroms. Pogroms led by who exactly? The pro-Christmas, gun-toting, God-loving, evangelical Christians who, we are told 24-7, really and truly, totally love us? Them? They're suddenly going to grab torches and pitchforks? And if one little Supreme Court vote is likely to push them into madness, why have you said for the last decade or so that we should be absolutely confident in their unfading support? If you think (as I often said) that evangelical support is fickle, why have you previously argued for greater dependency on them? Are they our friends or not already?  Anyway, when confirmed, Kagen will be the third Jewish justice. Your homework assignment is to list the pogroms that have been incited by the works of Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg. I can't seem to recall any.

In short, your pathetic ghetto Jewish mewl of "Oh vey vat vill the goyim tink", is doing the work of StormFront and Aryan Nation. Only hardcore anti-Semites like them care that Jews are overrepresented in American life. Your reaction to Kagen tells them that their antisemitism is correct and justified. It tells that that you agree that Jews, alone among all Americans, are not entitled to go as far as their talents take them.  It tells them that you agree with their bigoted notion that Jews don't really have any right to be here, and aren't genuinely Americans. It tells that exactly what they want to hear - that even in America we live at their mercy, and that we owe them obsequiousness -- that our very survival depends only on how many bigoted tuchesses we can lick.  

You might as well join up with Naturei Kartra. Your hatred for Jews, and sympathy for the perspective of our enemies is really that pronounced.

Rude? Yes. But I didn't single out any of the stupids, and nothing I said here was any worse than what they are saying about our sister, and fellow Jew, Elena Kagen, so I'm ranking this post a 1 (out of 3)

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