Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Modem Myth Making

Silly statement of the day:

This is wrong, no matter how the speaker means it, and it betrays a sad understanding of Jewish history, and the development of our culture and practices.  It's little better than saying the Patriarchs wore shtrimals and ate cholent.

Many of our grandfathers were 100 percent secular; some were themselves the grandchildren of secular Jews. And even among our grandfathers who were strictly observant, were many who were not Haredim. They kept shabbos, and kashrus, but went to college, read newspapers, respected science, worked for their money, and loved the state of Israel.

Today, we recognize many non-Charedim as All Time Greats, including
  • Every single Tanna
  • Every single Amora
  • Every single Rishon
  • A significant number of achronim
We deny this at our peril.

HT: Mark

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